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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Young Goats, Old Goats and Mountain Goats in Glacier National Park

My wide-angle view of a billy mountain goat that wandered in front of me where I sat (no doubt about its gender!)

On our July 2013 tour of Pacific Northwest and Northern Rockies National Parks of the U.S. and Canada we took the still snow-covered trail to the Hidden Lake Overlook from Glacier National Park's Logan Pass Visitor Center. The old goats on this hike were myself, my cousin and my younger brother. My much younger wife came up to the snowline. The young goats were my cousin's daughter and her two children. The mountain goats (the first I've ever seen) were at the end of the trail and ranged from lambs to sparring males. Though not a wilderness trail by any means (part is boardwalk and the trail was crowded) this path is rich with flowers, wide alpine panoramas and wildlife.

Old Goats 

Young goats 
Young goats are faster than old goats
Great Goat Habitat (and Grizzly Habitat too)

Columbian Ground Squirrel


Our first view of goats was seeing them high up on the snow cooling off

My second view was seeing this goat resting in the shade
Then I saw this nanny goat peeing (possibly leaving scent?)

Some of the billy goats were challenging each other with mild territoriality. One younger male bleated out a submissive call as it hurried away from a more aggressive billy.

A little kid goat (baby animals are always cute)

As I emerged from the visitor center restroom I met Karlwho is another old goat who we know from Sacramento. This is his handsome restored 1930s Red Bus and Karl is its "Jammer" giving tours over Glacier Park's famous "Going to the Sun Road". Great to see you Karl!