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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Exploring the Grotto and Hoodoos at Arizona's Chiricahua National Monument

Wild Chiricahua's wild hoodoo rocks make a magnificent playground for a nature lover and photographer. David, Ron, Dave and I hiked the Echo Canyon-Hailstone-Ed Riggs Trail Loop through the Grotto, Wall Street, and Echo Park and found much to please and learn about. These fantastic formations are weathered rhyolite (volcanic pumice compressed into rock). Enjoy these images of this rock wonderland.

Pumice is light as a feather (not really).

The Grotto

Wall Street

Cochise's Head (see him lying down)

Me, Cochise and David

Claret Cup Cactus

David at the Grotto

Lunch in the Grotto

The Wild Man of the Chiricahuas

Parting of the Ways in Bowie, AZ (no promised breakfast to be had anywhere)