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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Exploring the Ancient Junipers of Desolation Wilderness

Echo Lake Ferryman

Photo in 1918 Sierra Club Juniper

The Sierra Juniper photographed a century ago for the Sierra Club Journal is healthier today than in the old photograph

We took lunch under the spreading branches of this magnificent JUniper


Looking down on the two Echo Lakes

Leaving the wilderness

Back on the ferry

Happy after a fine hike and ice cream!

With my long-time hiking friend John, I took the Echo Lake ferry boat to the west end of Upper Echo Lake and we headed off on the Triangle Lake Trail to the 8,200 foot pass looking for a particular Sierra Juniper that John had found in an old copy of the Sierra Club Bulletin. At this pass we took the westward-bound trail and soon spied the old tree John brought me there to see. I did my rephotography of the tree and we headed up the clinky talus slope to have lunch under a broad sheltering wind-swept old juniper with amazingly twisted serpentine branches. Then we headed back down the trail to catch the water-taxi back to Echo Chalet store where John bought us ice cream cones. Nothing finer than a day in Desolation topped off with Mocha Almond fudge ice cream!