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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Seeing Denali Wilderness and Wildlife by Park Bus

The only access to the heart of Denali National Park's wilderness is by park concessionaire bus. In June of 2014 I spent two long days with my family riding the long green buses to the park's Eileson Visiror Center at Mile 66 of the gravel Park Road. We were initiated into the "Thirty Percent Club" of those who actually see the usually cloud-hidden Denali or Mount McKinley. The photo above shows the 20,320' high South Peak on the left (the highest point in North America) and the nearer 19,470' North Peak.

The buses are excellent  for observing wildlife. No one is allowed outside when there are animals present so the wildlife learn to ignore the big green boxes. On the second day we had a large grizzly eating grass nonchalantly withing 50 yards of the bus. We also saw caribou, moose and Dall sheep but not spotting a wolf we missed the "Grand Slam" of seeing all five major mammals. I did, however, see and photograph a golden eagle flying in front of Mount McKinley which more than made up for not seeing the wolf. Enjoy this photographic journey of the wild landscapes and animals of Denali.