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Friday, October 5, 2012

Yosemite: My Water Bottle is Low but my Heart is Full

Evening Clouds & Cathedral Peak from Lamb Dome © Bob Hare 2012

Journal, August 31, 2007, Lamb Dome, Yosemite National Park, Elevation: 9205 feet 

I am the most fortunate of men. I sit uncomfortably upon knobby Cathedral Peak granodiorite surrounded by all I celebrate most in nature. From the flanks of Yosemite’s glaciated Lamb Dome I see Half Dome peering over a ridge above Tenaya Lake. I sit next to a twisted ice-blasted juniper watching the late afternoon cumuli sail past Cathedral Peak casting shadows that race across the mountain’s long dragon tail. Fairview Dome’s broad helmeted face also hosts these marvelous cloud shadow plays. Mount Dana, earlier cloaked in storm clouds, is now also a fair weather cloud host. The buffeting winds on the dome’s summit a few hours ago are now gentle zephyrs on the juniper-studded flanks, creating a rare balmy mountain temperature. Delicate grass heads nervously twitch in the breeze. The sun is now hidden behind a silvery haloed cloud. Before me looms the northwest wall of Mariuolumne Dome with Medlicott Dome peeking above the outlet of the perched and well hidden Lower Lake of the Domes. I will be up there in a few days.

Cathedral Peak and Juniper from Lamb Dome © Bob Hare 2012

I am most fortunate to have a strong 58 year-old body to bring me up here. My soul recognizes its native outer habitat among these glacier-plucked and polished domes and peaks. This is my rock refuge in joy and in grief. Here and Now I cannot separate these two. My heart is full of the continuity and wholeness of life. I feel the presence of family members and close friends I have grieved. And I feel deep gratitude for the many people who have blessed and continue to bless my path.

The breeze in my hair is the same which rocks the branches of junipers, western white pine, and lodgepole pine. My mind is completely stilled, my body is vitalized yet calm, and my heart quietly celebrates this Presence. What a profoundly mysterious and wonderful balm is this wilderness!

Mt Dana, Fairview Dome and Cathedral Peak from Lamb Dome © Bob Hare 2012

Six tiny birds undulate and twitter their way through the sea of beauty between myself and Mariuolumne Dome. I am completely and utterly enraptured in this peace and beauty. A red-tailed hawk rose up toward me when I reached the summit of Lamb Dome just after my medicine wheel prayer. I called to it many times as it rode the strong wind directly across the summit face of Cathedral Peak—exactly where John and I halted our summit attempt three weeks ago when it became too dangerous.

This universe keeps showing me there is no separation between us. This was my circle prayer: “I live in this universe and this universe lives in me. I am a creation of Great Spirit and I am a co-creator with Great Spirit of this world I experience. This is so for all Beings. May all Beings be well, happy, and free!”

Panorama from Mt Conness to Half Dome from Lamb Dome © Bob Hare 2012

The feldspar crystals that shine so in the sun lie fitted together like puzzle pieces in the shallow natural granite water basins on Lamb Dome’s summit. These natural medicine wheels are mosaics of crystals sorted and arranged by centuries of falling, freezing, and thawing snow. I will not tread upon them and their undisturbed state is a true measure of wilderness.

The sun is now set behind the dome summit and I and this marvelous grove of rock-rooted junipers and pines have found respite from the intense high-altitude sun. I named a few of the most dramatic trees including “Flying Cloud Juniper” for its resemblance to the prow of a sleek clipper ship coursing through the seas and “Rock Root Juniper” for its uncommonly long rock-burrowing roots.

The Flying Cloud Juniper on Lamb Dome © Bob Hare 2012

 May all Beings be well, happy and free! Peace to All, Bob

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